Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Overdrive for Droid

The Librarian in Black got all excited that the Ovedrive software is available for Droid. In beta, so you have to go into settings and allow it download apps not available in the app marketplace. Well, I played with it for a few minutes and gave up. You still need to instal software onto you computer and THEN transfer your audio book to your Droid. Boo. I wanted to just download audiobooks when I felt like it directly to my phone. Like you can with music! See, it's not that hard of a concept. So la la la, no listening to audiobooks for me until they figure this out. I'm not going back to the old annoying thing trying to put audio books in with my mp3s because even though i know there is a tagging solution, it always just got mixed up when i wanted to listen to things on shuffle.

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