Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For the past few years the theme song around my life has included the line "I'm going to make it through this year if it kills me". Bless you Mr. Darnielle.

So now for New Years Resolutions. The stack of books I got for Christmas that promise I will get through php, mysql, cs3 (lost my connection to get cs4), and study for the lsat as a way out. Basically: I need to get a few flashier things on my resume that I know I am capable of doing. And not just the little letters, I need little projects online that you can poke and play at. Minus the lsat bit, if I become a lawyer (intellectual property and copyright law) I become a lawyer. I'm not rushing into that idea. I have to keep making lists of what I want to do:
fix library websites
fix anybody's website
train new users on computer hardware and software
design training programs for new software
integrate new technologies into older institutions

okay, these are some late night ideas...but I think putting them in writing where I can review my optimism, drawing out the keywords when I write resumes is all what's important. I'm creating documentation here. You'll know exactly how I wrote this program and what it's possible for.

I'd love to lay out more, dates and times and charts and goals and all that good stuff. That would be FUN even if it is a major time suck. But maybe that's why projects need all those visuals, because they work to get the project going.

So here is the project, less library complaining. More library envisioning. In the process of this envisioning, I will be creating several "personas" of who I might be and how I see myself fitting into these roles.

Reminder- you are very good at this. You are a fast learner. You understand what is going on. You have the vocabulary to negotiate between the IT department and other parties. You are needed, especially in places that haven't realized they need you yet.

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