Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In the beginning...

Because I've been meaning to document my ups and downs in grad school since I enrolled, but only now, as I cry into my coffee (first pot of the day) over procrastinating my final projects, I will reflect on what I have learned this term.

Yet this probably sets the tone for this blog, I do a lot of thinking and research for the classes I'm enrolled in that has no place in the classroom. Or I say things in the classroom that I want to share online as well.

1. If any of my teachers or classmates have found entertaining or incriminating bits about me online, no one has said anything about it.

2. I developed a full on coffee addiction.

3. There is more written on the lack of research in public libraries than there is research. (So maybe as a whiner and a complainer I'm in good company)

4. I thought taking classes online would be the best and brightest of geeks getting credit for discussing issues in an electronic forum. This is the strange one to nail down, but the people in my classes don't seem to be very comfortable with online socializing.

5. I have to develop better online research habits because the habits I use right now often lead me in circles where I chase the same good article multiple times OR I end up finding the same wrong article several times. There has to be a way to be more efficient. Remember, it's research NOT re-search that you want to be doing.