Friday, August 08, 2008

Desk Diary August 8, 2008

Questions at the desk today:

* Where do I return books? (back there in the return chutes)

* Can you check these in and tell me what's left on my account? (yes, your account is clear)

* Do you have the book for the drivers licence test? (no, but I should get some, and I go get distracted figuring out how to get MY New York drivers licence, although since I only ever drive a car with PA plates it's probably still not a urgent issue)

* Do you have Lark Rise to Candleford? (no, but I put a copy from Central on hold)

I love reading lists of questions other librarians get at the desk. I also think this is a record of how few reference questions I am getting at the desk. For the record, my library has one combined public service desk with a librarian and an office aide (circulation person), but no signage, nametags or other indicators that the people behind the desk have different roles.

Actually, the librarian computer doesn't have a recipt printer, that's the difference.

Off desk, that's all for now!