Thursday, April 01, 2010

Kick Start (er....)

I tried watching some of Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars on the Disney Channel the other night but just couldn't do it. I was too stuck on making sure she was wearing the right shoes (the Uggs in one scene almost made me cry, but she did switch to Chuck Taylors later). How could they do this? How dated must Ms. Harriet seem to today's kids?

As for dee library. Wells. Yah. I work at a library. It is full of interesting people. I went on vacation and met more interesting people. I'm looking forward to MOVING TO CALIFORNIA and meeting more interesting people. The catch is:

*I am a really good public librarian
*I have worked in public libraries for twelve years and have gotten a degree I wanted to take me out of public services and into tech services
*I still love writing, event planning, technology, new media, the music industry, intellectual property law and copyright law

Now loop this all together. Force me to apply for some cool jobs. Tell me where they're at, in the SF Bay Area of course.

I titled this post after a really cool website that is allowing all sorts of people to get funding for their projects. Kickstarter allows you to post your proposal and then seek funding with all starts of rewards for your patrons. My friend Jed recently got money to make a new album for his band My Teenage Stride and I'm getting a copy. Which is awesome because I would buy it anyway, so I just pre-ordered it and there it is.

More rambling then, I noticed the slogan for his MySpace is "I Can't Go On I'll Go On" which was the name of the band in BandSlam. Now, before I saw it I thought it would be the teen rock movie to end all teen rock movies (one problem there, Scott Pilgrim vs the World is coming out this year). I flipped through Bandslam: Will's Guide to Rock and was hecka impressed at the band names he drops (Stars? Neutral Milk Hotel?). Now I'm getting to far away from the library focus and back to obsessing about bands, sorta....but teen pop culture, comics, new media funding etc. is something librarians should be more aware of.

We're doing a library funding campaign again...Support Our Shelves/ Proud to be Shelf-ish. Donate, or tell me what YOU think of the campaign.