Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Progressively Responsible Work Managing Electronic Resources

Well it's been almost two years since my last post. I was substituting at two library systems so I haven't disappeared, but I was also not really doing "librarian" stuff. Life changed, I had a great job helping a couple of musicians manage their catalog, careers, social media etc. that turned into a community manager job at a start up. Well, that job wasn't for me, and if I try to explain why I end up going in so many directions that can't be singled out, but I didn't see it leading to "progressively responsible work managing electronic resources" and I needed to get my focus back.

 Even that focus has been temporarily derailed, as I've been assigned to the Children's desk for the summer. Which is part of the reason I ended up back on the blog, I need space to figure out where I fit in. There are a few computers for kids here, so I do a lot of observing how kids interact with the web, but especially as summer approaches it's more about games than homework.
Another note, began learning conversational Spanish. Hopefully will make some progress, my personal goal is to be able to understand and read a few kids books aloud by the end of the summer.
So I hope to do more blogging this summer. I'm slightly embarrassed to still be using Blogger (it's easy) so I'll probably switch to a new platform when I do my social media overhaul. I changed my name so I could get the URL so things will probably end up at courtneyklossner.com
Until then, thanks for checking me out.