Monday, February 12, 2007

Position at Annie Wright school

Having known two amazing young women who graduated from Annie Wright School, I would highly reccomend intelligent young librarians check out this job posting for a .6FTE position there. I am fascinated by prep schools with a social concious, probably because I did not go to the George School for high school but got my liberal education a few years later at The Evergreen State College instead.

Speaking of which, I am finally getting around to reading David Guterson's Our Lady of the Forest. I am starting to miss Washington state, but maybe visiting it in books this time of year is just as well.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pew Report on Tagging

The Pew foundation has just released a report on tagging. I'm going to prep my essay on the importance of using controlled vocabulary in cataloging and post it for your consideration. I'm really unhappy with how the last essay I posed looked (even if Blogger was extremely helpful in checking my html) so this time it will just be a link. There is a nicer version of Use of Virtual Reference in Academic Libraries available at the Castlemilk Library website.

Pimp My Bookcart

I'm a little sad no one e-mailed me to say the Olympia Library was a runner up in the Overdue Media's Pimp My Bookcart contest
Support Glitteracy by Amanda, Emily, Garrett, Kelsey, and Linda

Good job guys! Only in Olympia would there be a hookah on a bookcart...I miss you...