Thursday, October 29, 2009

You The Online Version

Since I bought the domain name I've had a lot of angst. First of all, I didn't want to be limited by the title of librarian and my real name was taken in various other ways. So why end a brand?

Because when I graduated from library school and sent out all my applications, I didn't realize Gmail was adding "sent on behalf of" and I worry my resumes that went into the netherworld looked like they were being sent by some kind of job search agent. But I have it everywhere! Or almost everywhere..Yahoo wouldn't let me have Agent in my name the last time I checked three years ago, but I got it today.

Anyway, so my new dilemma is the website. How librarish.. I'm not looking to take over Pitchfork with music content but I'd like to carve a niche for that, and blogging, maybe something other than running these separate blogs.

Or maybe this is why I have six pairs of glasses and wear makeup only when I feel like it. I'm interested in the fact of image but not in developing one, even though it seems that self marketing is so important.

Which brings me to Micael Porter's "You the Online Version" video I so enjoyed this afternoon.

I'd say he's got great ideas here but I have a lot more questions about accepting everyone on social networking services. While I think it's important to keep your name reserved everywhere, I just ditched Friendster and MySpace yesterday. What I should properly do is rejoin and redirect to my website, or at least Facebook until my website offer something more than a horrible bootlet of my band playing in the 90s. I also dumped about 100 people on Facebook who I felt faked caring about me. I didn't want to see so many pictures to parties I wasn't going to. Now that my PMS is over (whoops, hey that wasn't fair! Too much information, but it was two weeks early and the last reason/excuse on my mind for my feelings) to I integrate people I network with into my life when I enjoy most social networks as a personal space for family, old friends, goofing off and nothing professional? I want my website to incorporate my personal personal, which is about as pro as this blog, maybe more than those other sites. Enough overthinking, back to work.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear mysterious force in charge of the internet,
Please give Google more power so that Google Wave becomes VERY popular and forces our IT department to abandon Internet Explorer due to patron pressure. Right now I can't do anything in Wave, which sucks, because I'm sure that during the workday is when most of my pals are going to be on it. IE has crushed my dreams of using it to collaborate with my coworkers in the near future.
Oh wells.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Really. I know it's a security issue. But can we please enable POP3 so we can forward our mail to a service that has more than the tiny little limit we're allowed in Outlook? I'm always missing important stuff because I have to go through major mail purges, I don't have much flexibility in making folders and rules for things like holds lists that I don't need and it just feels restrictive that I have to use this stinky Microsoft mail product when I'd rather have everything (documents, calendar, maps, contacts etc.) integrated into a product I actually like (Google, I know, my answer to everything).

I'm either preaching to the choir or a voice in the wilderness here.