Monday, January 26, 2009

Who will clean up Flickr?

I'm looking for Creative Commons (CC) licensed images for Black History Month and I'm seeing a ton of copyrighted images. Some are even "credited" to the original photographers as if that matters. It's way too easy to wander off of a CC search to non CC images by clicking on group pools or tags.


I mean, if your friend wants you to post some party photos, fine, but don't go around taking images from magazines and the Library of Congress and putting them up in your Photostream. Either be a jerk and link to the original image for your blog (beware, if you piss off the person hosting the image they could switch the image on you, it's one of those things that's rude but not illegal in most cases).

Still, I'm trying to be concientious of what images I use on my flyers. I might not be familiar with every image ever taken of Martin Luther King Jr. and if you stick a photo up in the CC stream I'm going to think it's okay until I see it somewhere else and realize YOU DIDN'T TAKE THAT PHOTO.

Still, I see the mess Flickr creates right here. I see its usefulness limited by these people. How will we get rid of the junk?

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