Friday, January 30, 2009

Stuff I Did at Work Today

1. Typed up a list of a cart of books I have to give away to other branches and sent it to other librarians

2. E-mailed a woman who wants to host swap meets at our library since she read my post on a local mailing list about our upcoming clothing swap.

3. Showed my coworker a bunch of random things on the internet like the baby tiger that was confiscated from the woman who killed two librarians in a hit and run recently and a $199,999 condo I wish I had the savings to buy

4. E-mailed a local teacher whose students are supposed to be coming in here for their 8th grade projects and getting their work stamped with our cute little owl stamp. I haven't seen any of her students yet.

5. Made this flyer for our February Teen Programs

6. Had several discussions about the library hosting a summer breakfast program for low-income kids

7. Read library blogs and my RSS feed

8. Wrote this blog post

9. Put my schedule for next week in my Google calendar and asked my supervisor for more Saturdays so I can visit my bf in May

10. E-mailed a librarian from Central that I met at a training yesterday to ask about learning more about the backend of our Brooklyn Collection digital database

FYI I'm not scheduled to be on the desk until this afternoon, so this is just a list of the things librarians might do when they're not answering reference questions.

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