Thursday, May 17, 2012

BPA Is Found in Paper Receipts

If your library has a policy that the self-service checkouts have to print a receipt for each patron, here is another reason to reevaluate that policy or feature or however it works. Check Your Receipt: It May Be Tainted "BPA is an endocrine disrupter, mimicking the body’s hormones. Studies on animals have suggested that it can have harmful effects on the reproductive, developmental and other systems, causing neurological problems, for example, or stimulating obesity." and to the Facebook commenter saying the natural food store where she worked only uses BPA-free paper: "Although chemical concentrations were higher in South Korea and Vietnam than in the United States, 100 percent of the receipts collected in the United States contained BPA — even some marketed as “BPA-free.”" It's bad enough the paper spits out without giving the patron a choice, once upon a time at a library system in another state I was told there was a legal requirement to print a receipt for patrons who were not asked by a human (as opposed to a computer) if they wanted one or not.

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