Monday, August 15, 2011

101 Low Budget No Budget Teen Activities

I'm working on a book! Right now I'm calling it 101 Low Budget No Budget Teen Activities, but 101 Safe, Cheap and Sane Teen Programs is another idea. 101 arts and crafts, games and programs for teens that you can do with barely a budget. You'll raid the children's arts and crafts closet, learn how to score free supplies online, turn community events into goldmines of leftover materials, up and most importantly, be ready for all the drama and danger of running programs.

Of course teen programs are drama and danger! How many cool things can you make without scissors, needles or hot glue guns? Well, we're about to find out, as I'll present alternatives for as many projects as possible.

While I'm making a list of programs and instructions, I'd love to have some "testers" to give me feedback on the projects. If you're interested, please contact me at librariancourtneybennett at gmail and let me know if you want a project involving

1. Office Supplies (and library supplies!)
2. Fabric (and suggestions on where to get free fabrics!)
3. Recycled Projects
4. Children's Craft Closet (felt, construction paper, glitter, safety scissors etc.)

Also tell me about your local safety level- are your teens allowed to cut with adult scissors, use hot glue guns, sew with needles, use a stapler etc.

I'm willing to send multiple projects IF you provide me with feedback on the ones I send.

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