Thursday, January 06, 2011

Well, well, well

I know we're not using the same software as Amazon or Google, but must the library keyword search suggestions be that unhelpful? The most random queries kick back even randomer "did you mean" suggestions

"baby names" brings back "did you mean ebay name's?"
"all saints" brings back "did you mean all antes"

but if I accidentally type in

"Guorious George"

it can't suggest I want "Curious George".


the random results are hyperlinks that often bring you to "No Entries Found" or a foreign language book

la la la la la

I mean, can we somehow ride on Google and send this info to their search if it fails to retrieve any information in the library catalog?

In other highlights, I just sent away a pre-teen who was racking up fines on his mommy's card, and the third grade American Catholic project is the CUTEST PROJECT EVER. Except I don't have MY radical Catholic reference book here to help them. I'm totally some in tomorrow.

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