Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Last night when I was trying to go to sleep all I could hear were the screams and shouts of my pre-teens from our afternoon wallet making program. While we had some cute projects, I should not have let them near the glitter glue. I shouldn't even question their loyalty to the glitter glue, if I had access to free glitter glue when I was younger that's all I'd want to use. They can take a perfectly nice project though and glop on the glitter glue, insist on taking it home and then drop it somewhere in the library before they make it out the door. Oops!

At that age, I on the other hand, would manage to swipe my hand across the wet glitter glue before I even picked it up.

I'm the one who is in love with the craft projects though. I love making stuff. I have supplies here. Sure I need to bring in a few of my own things (needles, thread) but then we make REALLY COOL STUFF. I show them the other books on the topic (origami, felt sewing etc.), but I know it's just the glitter glue they're here for.

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