Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Brooklyn's Newest Librarian

I interviewed in AUGUST but was offered the job this afternoon! Whoot!

I'm very excited to be working for the Brooklyn Public Library. I worked for the Timberland Regional Library in Washington for eight years and have a genuine love for the excitement that comes with working in public libraries; it's a good combination of social justice and book work.

I don't start until the 29th so I'm hoping to get to see some of CMJ this month and work on a couple of freelance assignments I have lined up. Mostly I'm happy I can stop sending out resumes and start planning for my future. Even though I loved my job with the Future of Music Coalition this summer, by the end I was really really missing working in public libraries.

For the New York librarian friends, I'm assigned to the Macon Branch in Bed-Stuy. It will reopen next year, so until then I'm told I'll be working the Bushwick cluster. I'm planning on going to The Desk Set party at Enid's this Friday after The Blow, so I'll meet up with you all then :)


Rev. Syung Myung Me said...

AWEX0ME! That's great news!

Maura said...

Congratulations Courtney, and welcome to Brooklyn! I'm finished up with my MLIS now too and looking for jobs at academic libraries. Yay!

- Maura (from the indiepop list/popfest)