Wednesday, January 24, 2007

WorldCat Search Toolbar

Look over to the left. Not only have I added a search bar for you to see the nearest library that has the items you are looking for, but I have applied some 133t ski11z I learned in my web content class. You can also add library search to your search toolbar by downloading an extention from WorldCat.

Now I wish I had contact information for the patron who was very upset my library did not offer WorldCat access to patrons. Her wish has been granted.

Also, if you were interested in the 7" record database project I discussed in this previous post you can download the database I created at Collect 7 . Some of the data was made up at the last minute, but if you have any creative ideas for supporting the implimentation of this project I would be happy to clean it up. It is a Microsoft Access file.


Jon said...

Just thought I'd share, the WorldCat Firefox search plug-in, featured here at bottom, was created by me, then pointed out to OCLC staff. No credit given on their site, of course, but my name shows if you search for it on Mycroft.

Agent Ramona said...

Wow. Thank you Jon! I frequently use the Worldcat Firefox extention too.