Thursday, November 16, 2006

Consumer Database Specialist 1993-1996

Working on my Database Administration homework has me reminiscing of my high school database clean-up job. I'd go to the car dealership where my dad worked and sit at a computer visually scanning the database for duplicate entries. Whenever I saw a customer with more than one entry, I'd examine the records to determine where the mistake was (ie misspelled names, forgetting to add suffixes etc.) and eventually merge the records. The database was frickin slow, if other people at the dealership were using it the records might take ten minutes to merge, so I'd have lots of time to make phone calls to my friends in Princeton or work on my zine.

I'm a bit confused in this class since it is all reading and no required assignments; I'm doing a bit of catchup now switching from Access to Oracle. Access requires using the computers at work and I'm not feeling up to it, plus it requires having long conversations about library school to everyone who asks what I'm doing. With Oracle, I feel like I'm doing something I should have taught myself long ago. Plus cute geeks offer to help me along. I like the text based interface and hope I can make my final project as kick ass as I plan even if I do some reverse engineering of the final product. Despite having earned an A in Systems Analysis and learning all about the importance of planning everything, hey, what can I say, I believe in XP.

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